The new lines open (and everyone’s invited)

Lines 6, 8 and 9 will shortly be opening!

The new version of the metro map is now at the main URL – although accessing will continue to work.

I’ve also added an image-only version of the map if you’re stuck without Flash.

Visits to the site are up dramatically over the last few days as people come looking for information about the new lines!


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9 thoughts on “The new lines open (and everyone’s invited)

  1. Matt

    They come from PCHome, they come from MetroFans, they come from Xcar and Mpdaogou, they come from Tongji, they come from Ditiezu, they come from STJU and Sohu 🙂

  2. Denis

    Congratulation for your great job. Thia map is really the best Metro Map you cna find in internet

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