10,000 daily visits

ExploreShanghai is growing in popularity! On the 10th January for the first time there were over 10,000 visits in a day.


Thanks for all the many emails and blog posts with suggestions for improving the metro map , I will endeavour to reply to everyone once I have recovered from a lousy cold. In particular, in the next two months you can expect:

  • An improved routeplanner with accurate times for changing lines
  • Zooming of the map so you can see (and print) the whole map on a single page
  • Other exciting and secret features 🙂

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5 thoughts on “10,000 daily visits

  1. Kenny Jiang

    This is amazing! Thanks for your effort to share such a nice map with us! I just made a search a couple of days ago on internet, try to find a latest updated ShangHai metro map but failed. Today I get your link from my friend, and this is exactly what I am looking for!

    Yes, I really think to add feature of zooming in order to show the whole map in one page/screen is necessary. Addtionally, if the metro map can also show stree name and if even some major building/facilities on the ground will be much more nice!

    Finally, wish you can get well from the cold soon!

  2. simigo


    u really did a great job!

    i found a bug of line 5. if i just take one station, it costs 4 yuan. but i guess it’s only 2 yuan?

    anyway, thx for ur nice map!

  3. dorothy

    it is very great and helpful!
    but maybe i found a little bug of line 3 and line 8.
    how can i go from the Hongkou Gym Station of line 3 to that of line 8? The map said it cost 5yuan and 20 minutes, but no route was displayed.
    anyway, the map is still very amazing! and generally speaking, few men will shuttle between those two stations by metro.

  4. matt Post author

    @simigo – i have corrected the price, thanks for the feedback

    @dorothy – You can walk between the two Hongkou Stadium stations. The routeplanner gets a bit confused at the moment when you are travelling between two stations with the same name but without a direct interchange available.

  5. Chipping

    Hey Matt, you’ve made a gorgeous tool for us all!

    You know in Shanghai, the metro construction sites are seen almost all the corners of the city, and we know that every day the tunnel is extending and the network is growing.

    Thanks for your great work and I am looking foward, on you map, the appearance of Line13 which will open a stop in my neighborhood.

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