Changing at Shanghai Railway Station

Thanks to the many people who pointed out that the metro map route planner didn’t work too well for journeys via Shanghai Railway Station or Hongkou Stadium. For example, it often makes sense to change between lines 1 and 3 at Shanghai Railway Station, even though this involves buying a second ticket.

The good news is this is now reflected in the journey planner: it will show the price of both parts of the journey where appropriate:

Route with interchange

In addition, there are now more accurate journey times and first train/last train information for the new Line 6.

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6 thoughts on “Changing at Shanghai Railway Station

  1. Fisher

    Interchange problem at Shanghai Railway station is still the big problem. I’m not sure it will be resolved in the near future.

    In the new route map, it’s a normal metro station. Not interchange or transfer station any more. ‘Cause most of passengers will not transfer at Railway station between line 1 and line 3/4. Not only it will costs more money but also there is long way to walk between 2 metro stations. Because the line 1 station is under south square of Railway station and line 3/4 is under North square.

    I read some news about those 2 interchange stations. Transfer problem between 3/8 at Hongkou stadium may be will be resolved 2009. Transfer problem between 1/3/4 at Railway station may be will not be resolved until 2010 before north square of Railway station is rebuilt.

  2. Matt

    I am going to do some timing at Shanghai Railway Station later this month to find out exactly how long it takes to change and tweak the journey planner accordingly. Ideally the route planner might offer you two routes: fastest and cheapest (and even compare estimated cost/time of a taxi!)

  3. 楚云


  4. Keith

    Thanks Matt for wonderful blog and updates
    Why is there a transfer problem between 3/8 at Hongkou stadium? is it true we need 20 minutes to transfer?

  5. George

    I think it’s not difficult to make interchange in Hongkou Stadium Station.But Shanghai Railway Station,it’s not easy.Between Line 1 and Line 3/4 it’s a long way and only use the tunnel.
    I have been in Beijing last year, they make a special lane to make interchange between Line 13 and 2 at Xizhimen Station.Maybe Shanghai Railway Station can be used this way.

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