The Price Is Right

The metro map now has the up to date 2008 prices for all journeys between every pair of stations on the network. Prices range from 2RMB up to 9RMB depending on distance.

To check the price of a journey, just drag your mouse between any two stations. A panel will appear showing the price and estimated journey time.

Route planner

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8 thoughts on “The Price Is Right

  1. commander

    the shanghai railway station for line 1 and line 3 is seperated and can’t be interchanged with our charge.

  2. Matt

    @Anubis: you can download an image version at

    @commander: The route planner isn’t yet perfect. For some routes it makes sense to change at a non-interchange station like Shanghai Railway Station. For these routes the price will show as 4RMB+. In the next version of the route planner, it will be clearer that you will have to buy two tickets for these routes.

  3. matt Post author


    I have corrected the prices for short journeys on Line 5. They now correctly show 2RMB.

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