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The Price Is Right

The metro map now has the up to date 2008 prices for all journeys between every pair of stations on the network. Prices range from 2RMB up to 9RMB depending on distance.

To check the price of a journey, just drag your mouse between any two stations. A panel will appear showing the price and estimated journey time.

Route planner

The new lines open (and everyone’s invited)

Lines 6, 8 and 9 will shortly be opening!

The new version of the metro map is now at the main URL – although accessing will continue to work.

I’ve also added an image-only version of the map if you’re stuck without Flash.

Visits to the site are up dramatically over the last few days as people come looking for information about the new lines!


On the buses

One day to go before all the new lines open!

I have added to the metro map

  • first train/last train information for all major stations
  • more accurate journey times for new lines
  • the free shuttle bus connecting line 9 to the other lines (see below)


More updates for journey times and prices will follow in the next few weeks.

Minor metro map updates

Some small updates to the metro map, fixing some station names. Getting the English names correct is a bit hit and miss! Shiji Avenue and Shiji Park seem to have reverted back to being Century Park and Century Avenue, while 源深体育中心 is translated to Yuanshen Stadium. And is it Xizang Road (S) or South Xizang Road…

Once the new stations open on December 29th it should be possible to check exactly what naming is used on the station signs!

Line 2 extension to Hongqiao Airport: info needed

Robert Schwandl runs the superb Urban Rail site (here’s the page on Shanghai and a map of planned future extensions). Robert contacted me, asking

If you have access to recent and detailed info about the Line 2 extension to Hongqiao Airport and how it will meet line 10 and the mainline railway etc. that would be very appreciated as I get so many different versions.

If anyone has any authoritative information please let me know and I’ll pass it on.

“Xia yi zhan: Renmin Guangchang”

Thanks to Wang Jing, the metro map now has pronunciations in Mandarin for all the new stations will will open at the end of this year. So if you’d like to hear how to say the name of the catchy Waigaoqiao Free Trade Zone (North), click the button below!


To hear the pronunciation for any station on the metro map, click any station then click the icon in the top right of the information bubble.

Hall of shame: the interchanges that aren’t

For various reasons there are some stations in Shanghai that look like interchanges but actually aren’t: if you want to change trains you must leave the station, take a long walk, then buy a new ticket.

In the latest version of the metro map these are marked with a black line between the two stations. The hall of shame consists of:

1. Shanghai Railway Station

Shanghai Railway Station
Transferring between Line 1 and Line 3/4 involves a long walk down a shop-lined passage.

2. Yishan Road

Yishan Lu You can’t interchange between line 3 and line 4 here, even though it looks like that on many official maps. You need to go at least one stop north, to Hongqiao Road.

3. New! Pudian Road

Pudian Lu The two stations at Pudian Road will eventually be joined by a tunnel and commercial center. For now, they are separate.

4. New! Hongkou Stadium

Hongkou Stadium
The latest news is that the Line 3/8 interchange will also not be ready this year