A Line of Two Halves: Beijing Subway Line 14

This week we’re previewing several new lines and extensions which opened at the end of December 2014. Today, Beijing Subway Line 14, which originally opened in May 2013. December 2014 saw a new extension, but curiously this is not connected to the existing part of Line 14! Eventually a central section will open to connect the two halves, but for now there are two separate sections: Zhangguozhuang – Xiju and the new section JintailuShangezhuang.

The stations on the new section are:

  • Jintailu (Line 6)
  • Zaoying
  • Dongfeng Beiqiao
  • Jiangtai
  • Wangjing South
  • Futong
  • Wangjing (Line 15)
  • Donghuqu
  • Laiguangying
  • Shangezhuang

The Beijing Subway has also replaced the old flat 2 RMB fare structure with a new distance-based fare structure, with prices varying between 3 RMB and 9 RMB. For example, a journey from Jintailu to Shangezhuang will cost 5 RMB. 

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