City map to be retired

I’m sorry to report that the ExploreShanghai city map will be taken offline at the end of the year.

Unfortunately due to work commitments I haven’t had time to really finish it or implement new features, and that looks unlikely to change for the foreseeable future. Shanghai still desperately needs a good English-language online street map, and if you want to develop one I wish you good luck!

The good news is I will continue to update the metro map with new lines, stations and features: see the next post for more details!

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8 thoughts on “City map to be retired

  1. Min Guo

    Matt, sorry to hear that the city map is to be retired. I really like your map service but I agree with you that maintaining a good english-language map is very time consuming. i am curious to know where will this map go?

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  3. jp 吉平

    Well, I’ll use uumap for now, but it’s not as cool as yours. And besides smartshanghai maps errors (no, i haven’t reported them, I know I should) I still don’t know how to toggle it to see hanzi. please leave your beta map up, it’s still more useful to me!

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