Metro map 2008 version

An update to the metro map is now online! At the end of the year, three new lines, as well as extensions to existing lines will open:

  • Line 6 will run through Pudong, connecting with Line 2 and Line 4
  • Line 8 will run north-south through the city with an interchange at People’s Square
  • Line 9 will run westwards out to Songjiang. Amusingly, it won’t connect with the other lines yet.
  • Line 4 will finally become a circular route with the opening of three new stations
  • Line 1 gets a big longer at the northern end, terminating at Fujin Lu

New metro lines

You can view all the new lines here, note that this is a beta version, notably

  • There is no first train/last train data for the new lines yet
  • The route planner doesn’t have information for the new lines yet
  • There are no pronunciations of the new stations yet (coming next week)
  • Some of the English station names may be subject to change (e.g. Dashijie vs Great World)

If you spot any errors in the new map please contact me or post a response below.

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3 thoughts on “Metro map 2008 version

  1. Jovi

    Hey, Matt. It’s a bunch of great work! Really cool!
    I also like web design. One suggestion is, what about adding a feature that zoom in/out the map view?

  2. Gaint Panda

    It is great and the price calculating is wonderful but I have some comment on this
    it’s not so easy to push the left button of the mouse at one point as start and drag the map(can not release) to the dest station. recomment. when click a station, it shows the station detail and a button named “mark start” then user can click other station to view the detail but have a button named “mark end” and “cancel mark start”. The price and time will only be displayed when user click mark end. Of course all stops will be displayed at the bottom of the screen and user can easier to copy this out as a refernce.

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