Find stations faster with lookahead search

The metr0 map now has an improved search facility. Rather than choosing a station from a dropdown list, you can just type the first few letters of the station you’re looking for. Here’s an example searching for “zho”.


Click on any of the search results and the map will zoom to the station. It even works in Chinese, just enter the first characters of the station name you’re looking for.

Bonus tip: search faster using the keyboard. Use F3 to jump to the search field, then use the arrow up/down keys to highlight results and press ENTER to zoom there.

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7 thoughts on “Find stations faster with lookahead search

  1. audrey

    i recommended this web to all my colleagues already. one of the greatest found so far this year šŸ™‚

  2. Nora

    I just found your website and
    I love it
    I could travel from one point to the next for hours!

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