Route planning: more accurate than ever

The route-planner on the metro map has just had an upgrade! The suggested routes should now be more logical, and the estimated times more accurate.

The gory details:

  • Times for transferring between lines are now much more accurate. Fascinating fact: the longest walk between platforms is between line 2 and lines 3/4 at Zhongshan Park (about 4mins 30secs walk). The shortest is between line 4 and line 8 at South Xizang Road (30 seconds). I know, I timed it.
  • Timing for the shuttle bus between line 3 at Yishan Road and line 9 at Guilin Road is now more accurate
  • The journey times now include approximate waiting times at the initial and interchange stations; for example although line 1 trains arrive every 3-4 minutes, line 9 trains arrive only every 14 minutes
  • The routeplanner will now only suggest changing at Shanghai Railway Station (and hence buying a second ticket) if it will save you at least 10 minutes in total journey time over an alternative route.
  • Various special cases are dealt with more sensibly. For example, if you try and plot a route from Hongkou Stadium (line 3) to Hongkou Stadium (line 8) the routeplanner will suggest walking!

Of course, no routeplanning can be perfect since the best route and time taken for a journey is affected by many factors. If you have feedback on the routeplanner, or suggestions for improvements, please get in touch!

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7 thoughts on “Route planning: more accurate than ever

  1. Chris

    Wow, a must have Bookmark! Just found this site couple days ago, absolutely useful since I’ll be heading back to Shanghai soon and start working there. Well done!

  2. Kai

    Thanks for you great work!
    I just want you to know that most of my colleagues are now using this site to plan their trip.

  3. string

    The routeplanner doesn’t suggest walking from Yishan Road (Line 3)to Yishan Road (Line 4)and walking from Pudian Road(Line 4) to Pudian Road (Line 6).

    Perhaps walking will save time.

  4. JC

    Here is a problem I found.
    From yaohua Road to Hengshan Road and Xujiahui choose line8->line1.but if only consider the number of station on the route path , should choose line 8->line 4->line 1.especailly, for Xujiahui.

  5. Matthew


    Although line 8->line 4->line 1 has fewer stations than the recommended route, it is likely to be slower since it
    (1) involves changing lines twice
    (2) requires waiting for a line 4 train to arrive. The time between trains on line 4 is more than on line 1.

    The route planner takes the time needed to change lines into account, to find the fastest route.

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