Introducing our newest app: Explore Pyongyang Metro map

ExploreMetro is dedicated to bringing you stylish, accurate maps for Asia’a great cities. Today, we’re delighted to announce our latest iPhone app, Explore Pyongyang Metro map.

At last, smartphone-loving North Koreans will be able to check routes on the go. We hope the app will also be useful for the large number of foreign visitors who frequent North Korea’s popular tourist attractions.

The Pyongyang Metro comprises two lines, the Chŏllima line and Hyŏksin line, which interchange at Chŏnu (Comrade) and Chŏnsŭng (Victory) stations.


We’ve brought all the great features from our maps of other cities in Asia, plus a few extra settings for the local market.

You can also search, plan a route between any two stations, or find your nearest station (though not by using the GPS spy satellites designed by the American imperialists).

Another great new feature is tips. Do you know any place to buy basic foodstuffs on the black market? Simply tap on any station and you can leave a tip.

Explore Pyongyang is available for one day only from the iTunes App Store!

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