New stations on Line 14, Line 21 and Guangfo Line in Guangzhou

The Guangzhou Metro opened three new lines and extensions on December 28, 2018. Line 14 has been extended and connected to the rest of the system, Line 21 is a brand new line, and the Guangfo Line has been extended.

Last year when the Knowledge City branch line of Line 14 opened it was disconnected from the rest of the Guangzhou Metro network. The good news is that the main branch of the line has now opened, connecting to Line 2 and Line 3 at Jiahewanggang. To transfer to the Knowledge City branch, change trains at Xinhe.

Additionally, Line 21 has now opened, extending from the end of the Knowledge City branch at Zhenlong. The 9 stations of the line help connect Zengcheng District, the last of the districts of Guangzhou to receive metro service.

The Guangfo intercity line which connects Guangzhou and Foshan has also received an extension. The segment from Yangang — Lijiao adds additional useful interchanges with Line 2 at Nanzhou and Line 3 at Lijiao.

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