Seoul Week: Yeouinaru Station

We’re celebrating Seoul Week on ExploreMetro! We’ve teamed up with Seoul Sub→urban to bring you stories and pictures from around Seoul. Every day this week we’ll bring you one of their profiles of a Seoul Subway station, today it’s Yeouinaru (여의나루역) .

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Yeouinaru (여의나루역)

Line 5 – Station #527


Because the western side of the number 5 line crosses the Han River by a deep tunnel and not a bridge, Yeouinaru Station, at 27.5 meters below sea level, is the lowest subway station in Korea.  Liz and I visited with our friend Casey this past Saturday, and the area was absolutely buzzing with people out to see Yeouido’s cherry blossom festival.  Families and couples crowded the station, and a long line stretched out the door of the women’s bathroom, mirrored by a bored-looking queue of waiting husbands and boyfriends.


Outside, enterprising ajummas and ajeosshis were set up all around the station hawking beondaeggi, corndogs, and tteok to the seasonal tourists.  One grandmother hawked kimbap with a rolling pitch that had the cadence and panache of a ballpark hot dog vendor.


All along Yeouisa-ro (여의사로) the trees were in full bloom, a soft emergence of pink and white.

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