Seoul Week: Nambu Bus Terminal Station

We’re celebrating Seoul Week on ExploreMetro! We’ve teamed up with Seoul Sub→urban to bring you stories and pictures from around Seoul. Every day this week we’ll bring you one of their profiles of a Seoul Subway station, today it’s Nambu Bus Terminal (남부터미널역) .

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Nambu Bus Terminal (남부터미널역)

Line 3 – Station #341


Originally called the Cargo Truck Terminal, Nambu Bus Terminal in Seocho-gu will be well familiar with anyone who’s used the metro to get to the Seoul Arts Center (예술의전당) complex at the foot ofUmyeon Mountain (우면산).  And we’ll get to that shortly (or, rather, Liz will) but first, a brief tour of the neighborhood.


Because it seemed to offer the least possibility in terms of things of interest we started the afternoon going east down Hyoryeong-ro (효령로) from Exit 3.  This turned out to be a fairly accurate presupposition, not just for Hyoryeong-ro east of Nambu Terminal Station, but for the majority of the surrounding neighborhood as well, which displayed quite plainly the bluntness of the south side’s development.  Both Hyoryreong-ro and Umyeon-ro (우면로), running north-south, were lined with 10 to 20 story office and apartment towers, about which even their residents would be hard-pressed to say something.  We strolled through the back streets north and south of Hyoryreong-ro for a bit, and although there looked to be some nice brick homes just north of the avenue, the neighborhood felt perfectly perfunctory.


The best evaluation came when, not five minutes after we’d stepped into the actual Bus Terminal, Liz walked up to me and said, ‘This place is already more interesting than the entire neighborhood.’

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