Seoul Week: Jamwon Station

We’re celebrating Seoul Week on ExploreMetro! We’ve teamed up with Seoul Sub→urban to bring you stories and pictures from around Seoul. Every day this week we’ll bring you one of their profiles of a Seoul Subway station, today it’s Jamwon (잠원역) .

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Jamwon (잠원역)

Line 3 – Station #338


Expectations for Jamwon were pretty low.  A pre-trip look at the map didn’t show anything of distinction except the local section of the Hangang Park.  A Google search turned up precisely nothing.  And you know those signs they have in the subway stations, the ones with a neighborhood map that list what’s outside each exit?  Well, the Jamwon sign went something like: apartment, apartment, apartment, school, apartment, apartment, apartment.


And to be frank, that’s pretty much what we found there.  But it also doesn’t give any sort of indication of how pleasant the neighborhood is or of how much I enjoyed the visit.  Granted, things were influenced a bit by the absolutely perfect Indian summer day Seoul was getting when we went, but Jamwon would still have been an unexpected surprise regardless.


To begin with, if there is a subway station with a nicer setting in Seoul I am unaware of it.  After three years of riding the train here, the notion that I could exit a station and come out on anything but a major street surrounded by convenience stores and crowds no longer even occurred to me.

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