Travelling from Beijing Capital Airport to downtown Beijing by subway

To help travelers to Asia’s biggest cities, we are running a series of articles on how to travel from major airports to downtown. Today, we’re focusing on Beijing.

Beijing’s main airport, Beijing Capital International Airport (PEK) is situated 32 km northeast of central Beijing.

The simplest way to get to downtown is via the Airport Express line. There are stations at Terminal 2 and Terminal 3. The journey to the city takes 16 to 20 minutes, and a one way ticket costs 25 RMB. Trains run every 15 minutes. City-bound trains depart Terminal 3 from 6:21am to 10:51pm and Terminal 2 from 6:35am to 11:10pm.

There are two stations in the city: Sanyuanqiao (interchange with Line 10) and Dongzhimen (interchange with Line 2 and Line 13).

If you’re planning a trip to Beijing, we’ve got the resources you need for using the subway: visit our interactive subway map, print out a PDF map or download our iPhone/iPad app or Android app.


One Way Ticket
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3 thoughts on “Travelling from Beijing Capital Airport to downtown Beijing by subway

  1. dnyanesh katruwar

    hi. travelling to beijing with family and small baby. is it allowed to travel with luggage. and where to get the tickets for the airport express ?? our flight will arrive in beijing midnight. do does the airport express runs in the late midnight time ?? plz reply. thnx

  2. matt Post author

    Last train is at 10:51pm (T3) or 11:10pm (T2). If you’re arriving at midnight, you’ll need to take a taxi. Wikitravel have some good advice on catching a taxi from the airport and avoiding scams ( – basically avoid anyone who approaches you, and head to the official taxi stand outside.

  3. David

    if you are travelling from T3 to downtown, don’t ride it, it goes to T2 first and wait for like 10 minutes before departure into downtown. just pain in the ass waiting and waiting…….

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