Travelling from Guangzhou Baiyun Airport to downtown Guangzhou by metro

To help travelers to Asia’s biggest cities, we are running a series of articles on how to travel from major airports to downtown. Today, we’re focusing on Guangzhou.

Guangzhou’s main airport, Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport (CAN) is situated 28 km north of central Guangzhou.

The simplest way to get to downtown is via Guangzhou Metro Line 3. The station at the airport is named Airport South (Airport North is not yet open). The journey to the city (Tiyu Xilu station) takes about 42 minutes, and a one way ticket costs 7 RMB. Trains run every 7 minutes from 6:10am to 11:00pm.

Line 3 has interchanges with Line 2 at Jiahewanggang, Line 1 at Guangzhou East Railway Station and Tiyu Xilu, and Line 8 at Kecun

If you’re planning a trip to Guangzhou, we’ve got the resources you need for using the subway: visit our interactive subway map, print out a PDF map or download our iPhone/iPad app or Android app.

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  1. Yeh

    As a Guangzhou resident, I would like to say the line 3 can be extremely crowd over the rush hours, and the transfer in Tiyu Xilu is somewhat confusing and the station is sometimes closed for overcrowded. For travellers, I would recommend taking the airport shuttle as it is much more convenient despite a little more expensive.

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