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Explore Shanghai number one for China Travel apps!

We’re delighted that the Explore Shanghai metro map for iPhone is now the #1 selling travel app on the China App Store! Thank you to everyone who has bought the app and left us some great reviews:

This is a sweet app if you live in Shanghai, as the metro has grown so much a tool is needed. – onewil

One of my favorates! Super useful.
The time estimated is quite accurate.
I always check it before I go.
The best metroline map I ever use. – titan0801

Great little app to get around Shanghai. Is more updated than the metro maps at the stations! – ShanghaiGuy1010

及时回复和更新值得称赞 – 679953

这是我最大的上海地铁的应用程序已经使用过 – Shaw Freeman

Explore Shanghai is available now on the iTunes App Store priced at just $0.99. Download now!

Shanghai and Singapore iPhone apps updated to 2.0 – now in landscape!

The latest updates to our iPhone apps have just been approved by Apple. The Explore Singapore 2.0 update includes the new Singapore MRT Circle Line stations which opened last week, while the Explore Shanghai 2.0 update includes the latest extensions to Shanghai Metro Line 7 and Line 10.

Another new feature debuting with 2.0 is landscape mode. Since the iPhone screen is quite small, it can be hard to see the whole metro map at once. Now if you tilt your iPhone to the side, the app will automatically use landscape mode, and the status bar and tab bar will be automatically hidden, to give you the maximum space for the map!

Just tilt back to portrait if you want to access other features like search and “find my nearest station”. We’ll be updating our other city apps, for Guangzhou, Hong Kong and Beijing to support landscape mode in the next couple of weeks!

Explore Shanghai 2.0 and Explore Singapore 2.0 are free updates to existing users, and are available on the iTunes App Store priced at just $0.99:

Shanghai World Expo Line 13 preview

One of the easiest ways to get to the Shanghai World Expo site once it opens to the public on May 1st will be by metro. A dedicated line, Line 13, will run from Madang Road station, an interchange with Line 9. Here’s what you need to know:

  • You must have a valid Expo ticket to ride Line 13. Rides are free.
  • The Expo and Line 13 officially open on May 1st, but the line is open for ticket holders during the “soft”/trial opening until May 1st
  • The line will operate from 09:00 to 24:00, the same as the opening hours for the Expo park. Trains will run every 6 minutes.
  • At Madang Road, you’ll need to exit the Line 9  station and follow signs to the Expo entrance. Then you’ll undergo security checks and have your ticket checked before being allowed to board the train.
  • There are two stations within the Expo Zone on Line 13: Lupu Bridge on the Puxi side and Shibo Avenue on the Pudong side. At both stations you can walk straight into the Expo Park without needing further security checks
  • Line 13 has a pink livery on maps and in stations
  • You can also use Line 13 to hop between the Puxi and Pudong parts of the Expo Zone by travelling between Lupu Bridge and Shibo Avenue: this is free with an Expo ticket.
  • There are additional entrances to the Expo zone accessible on foot or by shuttle bus from these stations: West Gaoke Road (Line 6/7), Houtan (Line 7), Changqing Road (Line 7), Yaohua Road (Line 7/8), and South Xizang Road (Line 4/8). These stations are outside the Expo Zone though, so you will have to pass through security after leaving the metro station.
  • After the Expo ends, Line 13 will close until 2011, when it will reopen with additional stations.

We’ve updated our online Explore Shanghai metro map to add the new line, and an update to our iPhone app will be available in the next week.

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PDF maps for Beijing, Guangzhou, Hong Kong, Singapore and Shanghai!

We’re delighted to announce new PDF maps for all our ExploreMetro cities! Now you can print out and carry a handy A4 printout for Beijing, Guangzhou, Hong Kong and Singapore, besides the Shanghai map we already offered.

To download the maps, just click on the “PDF map” tab on any of our city sites, or follow the download links below. The PDF maps are available in both English and Chinese versions. If you have any feedback or spot any mistakes on the map, do get in touch!

Direct links:

Houtan station opens 20 April

The Shanghai Metro company has announced that Houtan station on Line 7 will open tomorrow, 20 April. The station is very close to the Expo site and has been closed for construction since Line 7 opened earlier this year. Its located on the Pudong side of the river, between Changqing Road and Chuanchang Road.

We’ve updated our online Explore Shanghai metro map to add the new station, and an update to our iPhone app will be available in the next week.

Singapore Circle Line extended

The Singapore MRT Circle Line was extended today. Previously the line ran from Marymount to Bartley, the new extension loops through central Singapore all the way to a 3-way interchange at Dhoby Ghaut. There’s also a new interchange with the East West Line at Paya Lebar. Trains will run every 5 minutes, or up to every 3.5 minutes at peak times.

We’ve updated our online map with the latest stations. An update to our Explore Singapore iPhone app will follow soon!

Explore Shanghai for iPhone 1.8 released!

We’re pleased to announce the launch of Explore Shanghai metro map version 1.8 for iPhone. We’re dedicated to bringing you the most up-to-date and accurate metro map of Shanghai, and this latest update adds all the new lines and stations including Line 10, and the Line 2 extensions to both Hongqiao and Pudong Airports.

Look Ma, new lines!

We apologise for the slight delay in getting this update out: with new lines opening frequently, and an approximate 5-day approval process from Apple, we’re going as fast as we can 🙂 This is the ninth version of Explore Shanghai since we launched late last year!

Version 1.8 is a free upgrade for existing users: just look for a notification on the App Store to update. Not bought Explore Shanghai yet? It’s just $0.99. Go get it now!

10 facts about Shanghai Metro Line 10 (and a map)

As we reported on Tuesday, Shanghai Metro Line 10 will open on Saturday. Here’s what you need to know.

  1. This brings the total length of the Shanghai Metro system to 420km: the longest in the world!
  2. Line 10 will initially open for trial operation for 2-3 weeks between the hours of 9am to 4pm, avoiding the rush hours. – UPDATE – Now 5.30am to 7.30pm!
  3. The line will have 27 stations, see the full list at the end of this post
  4. At the western end of the line, there are two branches, to Hangzhong Road and Hongqiao Airport. The Hongqiao Airport branch will open later in the year.
  5. The trains on Line 10 are designed to operate without drivers, but there will be drivers on board for the trial operation.
  6. The line passes many of Shanghai’s tourist attractions, such as Yuyuan Garden, Xintiandi and East Nanjing Road.
  7. Line 10 will also include the first metro stops servicing the Gubei area.
  8. Line 10 trains and stations have a lilac livery. That’s a light purple!
  9. The Shanghai Metro Company promise 108 bus lines servicing the new metro stations!
  10. We’ll have an update for on Saturday. Meanwhile, check out this map of the new line! (Click to enlarge)

Here are the stations on the new line, from west to east.

  • Hangzhong Road 航中路
  • Ziteng Road 紫藤路
  • Longbai Xincun 龙柏新村
  • Longxi Road 龙溪路
  • Shuicheng Road 水城路
  • Yuli Road 伊犁路
  • Songyuan Road 宋园路
  • Hongqiao Road 虹桥路 – interchange with lines 3 and 4
  • Jiaotong University 交通大学
  • Shanghai Library 上海图书馆
  • South Shanxi Road 陕西南路 – interchange with line 1 (virtual interchange, requires public transportation card)
  • Xintiandi 新天地
  • Laoximen 老西门 – interchange with line 8
  • Yuyuan Garden 豫园
  • East Nanjing Road 南京东路 – interchange with line 2
  • Tiantong Road 天潼路
  • North Sichuan Road 四川北路
  • Hailun Road 海伦路 – interchange with line 4
  • Youdian Xincun 邮电新村
  • Siping Road 四平路 – interchange with line 8
  • Tongji University 同济大学
  • Guoquan Road 国权路
  • Wujiaochang 五角场
  • Jiangwan Stadium 江湾体育场
  • Sanmen Road 三门路
  • East Yingao Road 殷高东路
  • Xinjiangwancheng 新江湾城

Shanghai Metro Line 2 to Pudong Airport and Line 10 to open for trial operation this week

The Shanghai Metro company has announced that the Line 2 eastern extension to Pudong International Airport will open for trial operation on Thursday 8th April.

We can also exclusively report that Line 10 will open for trial operation on Saturday 10th April! Trial operation means limited opening times, approximately 9am to 4pm avoiding the morning and evening hours. Expect the lines to switch to full-time operation in a few weeks.

Line 2 extension

The new Line 2 extension stretches from the current terminus at Guanglan Road all the way to Pudong International Airport. The airport station is located between Terminal 1 and Terminal 2. For the first time it will be possible to travel by metro between Pudong and Hongqiao Airports. Note that all passengers will need to change trains at Guanglan Road.

Line 10

You heard it here first, Line 10 will be opening this Saturday! However, again the opening times will be limited initially to 9am to 4pm, and only the central portion of the line will be opening: the westernmost stations at Hongqiao Airport, and the north-eastern part of the line will not be opening yet. We’ll provide a full list of stations set to open as soon as the official announcement is made in the next few days.